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ArkWorld: Explorer

Current Status

Updates, Announcements and notes are consolidated on the developer Blog

How to Play (Version 1.12 and Lower)
Multi Touch Controls

Touch controls are used to move the viewpoint around the ship.

  • Single Touch Drag - rotate around the ship
  • Dual Touch Pinch - zoom in and out
  • Dual Touch Drag Left/Right- move the view left/right
  • Dual Touch Drag Up/Down - move the view forward/backward
  • Triple Touch Drag Up/Down - Move the view up/down

Google Tango

On Tango enabled devices, the app can utilize the Motion Tracking to control the view camera around the ship. The system is setup to support switching between touch and Tango camera controls.

Main User Interface
Mission Details Panel

Ship Level Control

To move the character around the ship

  • Select the character
  • Click the view character button
  • Click the change level controls (if needed)
  • Click the ship section buttons (if needed)
  • Toggle to enable character movement
  • Click on the ship location to set character destination

Click on a Ship Marker to Open/Close the Details Panel. The viewpoint will automatically move towards the marker

Combat Controls (available on next app update)

Gameplay Objectives

The end goal is to complete all the missions to gain access to the PathFinder Class Starship with customizable modules, weapons and longer range as presented on our Facebook page.

  • Complete the listed missions
  • Improve character stats
  • Upgrade ship components
  • Explore the assigned star systems
  • Defend against attacks

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